Volunteering Session on “Self- Introspection”

Volunteering Session on “Self- Introspection”

Volunteering Session on “Self- Introspection”

Have you ever thought, how do people remember you?
Do you think that it’s really important to think how others think about you?
Does it effect your life?

The answer for the later questions is YES. Our aspirants @ Nirmaan Organization @ Kukatpally, have unlocked the first door that leads to wisdom – It is “knowing about themselves”.
In this process, aspirants were asked to figure out their identities and write them on their left hand fingers. Next, they were asked to ponder on the root causes for those identities on the right hand fingers. Here, identities mean the qualities with which others remember us. Then, they judged whether the identities were good or bad. Based on their judgement, they came up with some counter measures to overcome their bad identities and also to work hard on improving their good identities.
The trainer had shared the real-life experience of Dr. Alfred Noble, which impacted the students.
It made them realize that knowing about themselves and understanding their identities has a direct connection to their success.

Self- introspection helped them to refine their personality and blossom themselves in to beautiful flowers that spread their wonderful fragrance of good personality.

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