Hospital With Health Complications

Hospital With Health Complications

Hospital With Health Complications

Yashoda arrived at Niloufer hospital with health complications and worried. She was immediately admitted to the recently established ICU and treated immediately with utmost care.

She was happy while sharing the good news with us that she gave birth to a #babygirl.

Nirmaan Organization is grateful to have partnered with ADP for setting up this ICU ward with 10 beds at the Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad, Telangana. We thank the ADP leadership Vijay Vemulapalli , Dr. Vipul Singh, and Sridevi KatamReddy for the tremendous support.

The Niloufer Hospital started with a great intention to serve the underprivileged women during their maternity and children. This hospital has the medical facilities for advanced maternity, pediatric, pediatric surgery supported by diagnostic facilities, and this support from ADP has been really impactful, enabling support to an average of 100+ patients a month.

Dr. Muralidhar, Hospital Superintendent has expressed his immense gratitude to ADP for the generous support that will help his staff and him to tackle more complex health concerns and provide better services to the people. The ICU ward is operational and will continue to serve the economically disadvantaged people from Hyderabad and surrounding Districts during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ICU ward is equipped with the following:

– 5 units of ventilators
– 10 units of ICU fowler beds (5 fold)
– 10 units of Suction Apparatus
– 10 units of Multi-Channel Monitors and Stands
– 10 units of Syringe Pumps and Stands
– 1 unit of Defibrillator
– 10 units of laryngoscopes
– 3 units of BIPAP Machines
– 1 unit of ECG Machine
– Support for setting up ACs, Curtains and Partitions in the ICU ward

We profusely thank the donors for their generous contribution !

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