Train the Trainer Program

Train the Trainer Program:

With an aim to make career counseling an integral part of a student’s education curriculum and to reach out to more number of students, Nirmaan has adopted the model of train the trainers, where the trainers would reach out to the schools and organize periodic sessions on goal setting and career exposure along with personal counseling. The career counseling curriculum is spread across the academic year. With sufficient training and frequent Monitoring and evaluation, the students can be groomed and mentored too. About 250+ teachers have been trained so far since inception.

The classroom curriculum of career counseling is slated in three phases:

Our Reach:

Motivation: Where the teachers present to the audience the real life inspiring stories from the grass roots.

Exposure session: The students are taken in and out through a career a week, talking about what it is, what it does, what skills are required to reach there, the famous personalities in the field etc.

Personalized counseling: After the students being open to the career opportunities and each child and counsels the students based on her findings about the child.

Operational Model:

Two teachers from each high school are to be trained on career guidance and counseling and such trained teachers to become the nodes of career information for their students.

To create a better impact among the students this program is designed to three stages.

  • 3-day residential training program on goal setting, career counseling and personalized counseling. A team of expert trainers from Nirmaan would be training the teachers.
  • 13-Week Career Guidance Classroom curriculum is assigned to the teachers and is closely monitored by the Nirmaan Counselors throughout the project.
  • Once the students were out of the school, impact created is measured by personally counselingthe students and tracking their career progress.
Stages of the workshop:

The stages of the workshop along with the respective schedule may be classified as follows:

  • Goal Orientation : week 1
  • Career Awareness & personal interest evaluation : week 2-week 8
  • Goal setting and sustenance : week 9
  • Mapping the Future : week 10
  • Personalized Counseling : week 11-week 13
13 – Weeks Execution:

Similar to the extra-curricular classes for students, we shall have Career counseling sessions weekly once for classes 9th & 10th. These sessions shall be organized for 2.5 hours each week, over a period of 13 weeks. The detailed plan of 13 weeks as below:

Stages Week Topics Covered
Goal orientation Week-1 Baseline Assessment test, What is a Goal?, Importance of having a goal and Importance of having a role model, Inspirational & Motivational Videos and Stories
Career awareness Week-2 Engineering, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, ITI & Goal Setting-1: Interest-Ability analysis
Week-3 Fine Arts, Teacher, Scientist, Air Hostess, Pilot &

Goal Setting-2: River of Life activity

Week-4 Police, Defense, Civil Services, Lawyer, Journalist, Social Worker, Psychology, Librarian
Week-5 Doctor, Agriculture, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Paramedical courses, Home Science, Nutrition & Dietician
Week-6 CA, CS, CW, MBA, Hotel management, Hospital management, Travel & Tourism
Week-7 After 10th & Free Education &

Goal setting-3: SWOT Analysis

Week-8 Overseas education, Offbeat Career options, Scholarships, Self-employment
Goal setting and sustenance Week-9 How to set and reach a goal, Dignity of Labor, Explaining role models biographies, Setting SMART Goals and SMART Goals discussions
Mapping the Future Week-10 Dreaming Life after 7 years, Drawing Family Career Tree, Career Ladder Filling, Immediate next steps, Mapping Future worksheet and discussions
Personalized counseling Week-11 Personalized Counseling
Week-12 Personalized Counseling
Week-13 Personalized Counseling
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