Our Village Adoption Program

Our Village Adoption Program

Our Village Adoption Program

Join us on the transformative journey! Through our “Village Adoption Program,” we’ve impacted 12 PVTG villages in Adilabad and Nagarkurnool Districts, focusing on holistic development.

With the support of ServiceNow, our holistic initiatives included community sheds, RO water plants, animal drinking water tanks, bore wells, school repairs, health camps, and more. Through these initiatives, we’re fostering positive change in the lives of Thoti and Chenchu communities around the Nallamala Reserve forest.

Visualize the impact of these efforts! While we’ve made significant progress, our work isn’t complete, and you can help us:

• Donate to sustain ongoing projects – https://lnkd.in/dPkgQdcA
• Volunteer your time and skills – https://lnkd.in/dQdpT3S
• Spread the word – awareness is key!

Together, we can continue building a sustainable, inclusive future. Join us on this journey of positive transformation!

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