Nirmaan Launched GNITS Chapter! - Nirmaan Organization

Nirmaan Launched GNITS Chapter!

Nirmaan Launched GNITS Chapter!

Nirmaan Launched GNITS Chapter!

Congratulations on the exciting partnership between Nirmaan Organization and G. Narayanamma Institute Of Technology And Science for the Nirmaan Organization GNITS Chapter! 🤝 This collaboration, under dynamic leadership, promises to embark on a journey focused on social impact, leadership development, and community engagement.

A warm welcome to GNITS Principal Dr. K Ramesh Reddy! 🌟

The addition of esteemed staff members such as Dr. Seetha, Dean R&D, Dr. Madhavilata, HOD, Humanities, Mathematics, and Management, Dr. Ramya, Professor in the Humanities Department, and Aishwarya, Lead for Policy and Strategy, adds tremendous value to the partnership. Together, this diverse team aims to create a positive impact and provide invaluable experiences to students.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration! 🌈✨

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