Inauguration of the Ekids Digital Lab Supported by EPAM

Inauguration of the Ekids Digital Lab Supported by EPAM

Inauguration of the Ekids Digital Lab Supported by EPAM

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of the Ekids Digital Lab at GHS, Kannamangala, Bangalore, supported by EPAM Systems. Thanks to all the EPAM Leadership & Volunteers for joining us to kick-start the program in these schools.

The EPAM Ekids Program, a remarkable CSR initiative in collaboration with Nirmaan Organization encourages young children to explore software engineering, develop skills and pursue life-long learning. The program aims to provide access to high quality computing education for students from under-represented communities across India.

In alignment with the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, where coding has become an essential skill, the EKids program is playing a crucial role in helping schools integrate coding into their curriculum. With EPAM EKids’ support, schools are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and skilled computer teachers, accelerating the drive towards promoting digital literacy for all.

One of the most inspiring outcomes of the eKids Program is its ability to ignite a passion for technology from an early age. By exposing young minds to the world of software engineering, the program is nurturing a genuine interest in technology, paving the way for future generations to explore exciting careers in the tech industry.

At Nirmaan Organization, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. With initiatives like the Ekids Program, we are taking significant steps towards creating an inclusive and tech-savvy future for all. Let’s empower young minds and shape a brighter tomorrow, together!

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