Coding Initiative Programs

Coding Initiative Programs

Coding Initiative Programs

Midst the upcoming hackathon in a couple of months, visited one of the government girls school.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the youngcoders and their codingprojects. It is definitely not overnight efforts which these extraordinay and #talented kids do.

The hackathon has become the most anticipated event across #Hyderabad #Chennai and #Bangalore. This is the 3rd year, the students have started with basics of #scratch in the initial year and adding to it, #html, #css and now #python. Way to go girls.

Nirmaan Organization wishes you all the best!

Coding Initiative Program focuses on the critical thinking and career path towards STEM.

We invite,
1. Corporate to be part of our journey through supporting more schools for #Coding,
2. Volunteer to #mentor these young girls and boys with your #industry #exposure

Our Corporate Partners have supported the kids with Tabs which they utilize for working on their #websites. We acknowledge Wells Fargo and the leadership of Bandana Jha , Sumona G. and Nitin Kashyap for their constant support throughout this fantastic journey.

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