Celebrating Success: A Glorious Graduation Ceremony

Celebrating Success: A Glorious Graduation Ceremony

Celebrating Success: A Glorious Graduation Ceremony

We are thrilled to share the joyous news of our Graduation Ceremony, held in Hyderabad on April 23rd, marking the culmination of our Coding Initiative. This event was a testament to the dedication, hard work, and perseverance of our remarkable students.

Our Graduation Ceremony honored the achievements of students in our Coding Initiative , who have exhibited exceptional skills and commitment to mastering coding languages. We were honored to have esteemed guests Gaurav Mahindra, Sonali Banerjee, and Sanna Balappa Chinna bala krishna grace the event with their presence. Their encouragement and inspiration uplifted our graduates as they pursue higher education.

Over the course of the program, our students have made a significant impact, with over 25,000 hours of self-led and instructor-led learning. This dedication reflects their determination to excel in the field of coding.

The Graduation Ceremony showcased the incredible talents of our students through impressive project presentations. Utilizing languages such as Scratch, JavaScript, SQL, and Python, our graduates demonstrated their proficiency and creativity in solving real-world problems.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Wells Fargo for their unwavering support of the Coding Initiative. Their support has been instrumental in empowering aspiring coders and fostering a culture of innovation and learning.

We extend our thanks to the School HMs, Wells Fargo Volunteers, and the leadership team of Wells Fargo, Bandana Jha, Sumona G. and Nitin Kashyap, for their amazing support and guidance throughout the program. Their commitment to empowering future generations of coders has been invaluable.

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