Teaching comes from home. In India, people don’t talk about menstrual hygiene. The lack of facilities affects a girl’s life. She is made to feel bad about herself during those days. Currently, in India, 64.4 percent of women aged 15-24 use sanitary napkins, 49.6 percent use cloth and 15 percent use locally prepared napkins. Health and hygiene should be the priority. However, most people neglect this. Creating awareness about menstrual hygiene is crucial in today’s time as there is so much availability of information. Teaching the students of KGBV School how to use a pad, how to dispose of it after usage, and how to maintain personal hygiene during that phase is taught. We, along with the Bhumi foundation came forward to create awareness about the same in the KGBV School, where we taught the students about menstrual hygiene. To promote this awareness we distributed 180 sanitary pads to the students.

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