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Rs.49,122 of Rs.2,10,000

About the Initiative

Saanvi Gourineni (daughter of Chandrakanth and Lakshmi Prasanna), along with her dedicated friends, is organizing a heartfelt fundraiser to support underprivileged women in Borabanda through Nirmaan Organization. This initiative is designed to provide much-needed assistance to women who have successfully completed a sewing course but lack the financial means to purchase essential sewing machines.

Why This Cause Matters

The women of Borabanda have shown incredible determination and resilience by completing a sewing course. However, without the necessary sewing machines, their newfound skills cannot be utilized to their full potential. Owning a sewing machine can transform their lives, offering them a chance to earn a steady income, support their families, and gain financial independence.

Our Goal

We aim to provide 15 women with sewing machines, each costing 11,000 INR. Additionally, we plan to raise an extra 3,000 INR per person for an advanced sewing course, enabling them to refine their skills further and increase their earning potential.

Fundraising Target

Sewing Machines: 15 machines x 11,000 INR = 165,000 INR

Advanced Course:15 women x 3,000 INR = 45,000 INR

Total Goal: 210,000 INR

How You Can Help

Your generous support can make a significant difference in these women's lives. Every donation, big or small, will contribute towards purchasing sewing machines and funding the advanced sewing courses.

Empower a woman today. Transform a community tomorrow. Donate Now



Rs.49,122 of Rs.2,10,000

Donation is tax deductible under 501(c)(3) in USA and 80G in India

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