Skill Development Program in Govt hostel for blind girls at lingojiguda,Saroor nagar


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HYSEA – Nirmaan’s Skill Development and Job Employment Program started in 2014 with an aim to support the youth from underprivileged / unserved communities to help them in improving their skill set and stand on their own feet by providing Skilling & Employment opportunities in various sectors.

Salient features of the program:
  • Job Counselling
  • Skill training in various sectors including English communication
  • Sessions on Workplace Readiness
  • Employment / Industry Connections
  • Conducting Employment / Job drives
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Need for the Program / Problem Statement:

Most of the government schools/colleges under TTWREIS (Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institution Societies) lack the proper training facilities and are not exposed to various sectors, hence they lack proper skills, self-confidence and zero goals to get settled in a better employment career.

Few examples include:
  • Lack of technical / communication skills
  • Practical knowledge for getting employment
  • Lack of Self confidence
  • Lack of Workplace Etiquettes

Most of these students after completing their education are facing the challenge in getting the right placement opportunities due to lack of skills / technical knowledge. On the demand side, employers often face the issue of lack of well-trained, skilled manpower so it has created a unique situation where there is a demand for jobs and supply of jobs but due to a mismatch between the education/ skills and employment requirements, this gap continues to exist.

Project Summary:

Project Particulars Details
Name of the Implementing Organization NIRMAAN ORGANISATION
Area of Implementation Govt hostel for Blind Girls Lingojiguda,Saroor Nagar
Program Duration 12 months (Jan 2023 – Dec 2023) (Preferred duration of association – minimum 3 years)
Overall Program Goal To train and place unemployed youth from Govt Home for Blind as per market requirements and help them to achieve their own Goals.
Target Group Female (18 – 35yrs)
Vocational Training Trades
  • 1. ITES (IT Enabled Services)
  • 2. Competitive Exams Training
  • Preparing them for the Competitive exams by providing the necessary training
  • Preparing them for the skills required for placements in IT/ITES industries
  • Handholding them in generating livelihoods out of the skills learnt through support in preparation for jobs and placement
  • Conducting life-skills workshops to improve their communication skills and work readiness
Expected no. of youth to be trained during the project period 100 Youth
Expected no. of youth to be placed Female (18 – 35yrs)
Total Budget * ₹ 4,331,800
Per beneficiary cost (calculated on Recurring Budget) ₹ 43,318

SDG Alignment:

The project is aligned to the following goals under United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Goal 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth

Target Beneficiaries:

The project is focused to support 100 youth from these home. From which 70% of them i.e., 70 students would be placed in various Jobs under the skilling trades.

Impact Measurement:

Key Milestones

1st Batch (3 months) 2st Batch (3 months) 3st Batch (3 months) 4st Batch (3 months)
Milestones 25 youth trained 25 youth trained 25 youth trained 25 youth trained
17 students successfully placed 18 students successfully placed 17 students successfully placed 18 students successfully placed

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Measurement Indicator Means of Verification
Number of youth trained Organizational Records, Stories/ Case Studies
Change in Skill Levels of Youth Random Test Results
Life-skills sessions conducted as per plan Organizational Records, Follow-up Reports
No. of youth gainfully employed Organizational Records, Follow-up Reports, Case Studies
If Drop-outs Reasons and Strategy
If Unemployed Reasons and Strategy
Post Placements follow up Organizational Records, Follow-up Reports, Case Studies, Feedback forms

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Be A Mentor to the trainees
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Building
  • Sharing Inspirational Stories to motivate the trainees
  • Technical sessions (based on the requirement)

Branding Opportunities:

Below are few branding opportunities for the Corporate in the project:

  • Branding of the Training Center (center space will be shared and branded accordingly)
  • Branding on all promotional documentation like banners for guest talks/ motivational sessions/ workshops etc.
  • Media coverage for center activities and achievements on various mediums like radio, newspaper, TV etc.

Budget Details:

Skill Development & Employment Project – Govt Girls Home for Blind (Jan 2023 to Dec 2023)
S.No Budget Head Remarks Budget per unit No. of months /units Annual Budget
1 Recurring – Salaries
1.1 Project Manager Responsible for Over Project Management and Implementation 40,000 12 480,000
1.2 Facilitator English / soft skills-1 Responsible to handle Soft Skills sessions to the ITES / WMA students 30,000 12 360,000
1.3 IT Trainer Responsible to handle ITES Training to the students 28,000 12 336,000
1.4 Admin cum Counsellor Responsible for the Project Administration and Students Attendance 23000 12 276,000
1.5 Housekeeping staff Center Maintenance / Cleaning 4000 12 48,000
1.7 Aptitude & Reasoning Trainer Responsible to train the students for Competitive exams in different 35,000 12 420,000
Sub -Total (A) 1,920,000
2 Recurring – Operations
2.1 Rent / Building Maintenance Space will be provided by the College Management 45,000 0 0
2.2 Electricity Will be taken care by the College Management 4,000 0 0
2.3 Placement Expenses Networking with the Employers and Taking the students to the companies for interviews 2000 12 24000
2.4 Repair and Maintenance AMC Cost for the Computers 3000 12 36000
2.5 Local Conveyance Conveyance charges to the project team for travel (Official) 1,000 12 12000
2.6 Printing and Stationery 1,500 12 18000
2.7 Communication and Internet 4000 12 48000
2.8 Water 2000 12 24000
2.9 Housekeeping Consumables 2000 12 24000
2.10 Other Overheads (miscellaneous) Project related costs 2000 12 24000
2.11 Workshops / Exposures Visit, Guest lectures 3000 10 30000
Sub-Total (B) 240,000
3 Non Recurring
3.1 Laptops 43,000 30 1,290,000
3.2 LED SMART TV For Practical IT Training (in the computer lab) 50,000 1 50,000
3.3 Cc Camera For monitoring of the center 18,000 1 18,000
3.4 Tables Computer Tables 5,000 30 150,000
3.5 Chairs Chairs in classrooms 1500 100 150,000
3.6 White Board For theory sessions 1000 2 2,000
3.7 Classroom speakers For training activities 8,000 1 8,000
3.8 Center Setup Costs Partition Costs + Infrastructure Setup according to Skill development institute + Banners etc. 50,000 1 50,000
3.9 Water Dispenser Partition Costs + Infrastructure Setup according to Skill development institute + Banners etc. 10,000 1 10,000
3.10 Printer 10,000 1 10,000
3.11 Events Launch Event + Graduation Ceremonies 40,000 1 40,000
Sub-Total (C) 1,778,000
TOTAL (A+B+C) 3,938,000
NGO Admin Cost (10%) (D) 393,800
Grand Total (A+B+C+D) 4,331,800
No. of Beneficiaries 100
Per beneficiary Cost 43,318


HYSEA is a unique industry initiative and a non-profit organization that strives to bring together the various IT and ITes Organizations in Telangana under one umbrella to network, share knowledge and work closely with the Government and other industry stakeholders to expand into new areas of business, social development, and economic prosperity of the state.

The association is 30 years old and has more than 300+ registered members, representing nearly 90% of Telangana’s IT/ITes industry revenue and employee headcount. HYSEA member list includes a judicious mix of Large, Medium and Small, Indian and MNC companies such as Infosys, Intel, Micron, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Deloitte, Qualcomm, Microsoft, HSBC, ZF, WellsFargo, State Street, Google, Firstsource, Broadridge, Chubb, Infor, Micron, Valuemomentum, OpenText, ValueLabs, Synchrony, ZenQ, Innominds, Invenio, OSI Digital, Informatica, EnergyTech Global, TechEra IT Consulting and more from the Software Services, BPO, and Product segments.


Nirmaan is a non-profit organization founded by alumni of BITS-Pilani in the year of 2005 (registered in 2007) with inspiration from Abdul Kalam and Swami Vivekananda. We work in the fields of Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellbeing, Community Development and Social Leadership. The vision of the organization is to achieve a knowledge driven and economically empowered society; to play a crucial role in achieving a developed India where illiteracy and poverty does not exist. In the past 17 years of journey, we have impacted the lives of 2+ million beneficiaries through various impact-oriented Flagship Programs & Social Leadership Initiatives benefiting Children, Women, Youth, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), LGBTQ+ and Farmers from diverse social backgrounds across 18 States of India while partnering with 150+ Corporate, Government and Philanthropic partners.


  • Registered as Society on 12th July 2007 (Registration no 1119/07)
  • Donations 80G exempted
  • 12A certified
  • FCRA exemption certified
  • 501(C)(3) certified in USA
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