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Shiva Code Preview

Give the gift of care and love: Support Vivekananda Old Age Home


Rs.88,001 of Rs.1,00,00,000

Studies show over 70% of senior citizens in India face abuse - verbal, physical, emotional and financial. They also live with deteriorating health conditions they cannot afford to treat.

Old age homes play a crucial role in providing care and support to elderly citizens who are unable to live with their families or lack proper care. Unfortunately, the condition of old age homes in India is far from ideal, with many facing severe challenges that compromise the quality of life for their residents.

In India, approximately 8.7% of the population are elderly people and only 16% out of it are having access to pension, which helps them not become financially vulnerable. Nirmaan has identified an old age home in Suryapet, Telangana where the management is facing troubles in terms of maintenance costs. There are around 70 elderly people living in old age home and many of them are not financially unstable to pay the fees.


The primary requirement is to have Financial Sustainability, Nirmaan aims to reduce the burden on the old age home by boosting its financial viability. Currently, fees from residents covers 50% of operating expenses, leaving a 50% deficit. Immediate financial support is required to ensure the regular functioning of the old age home.

Bedridden Elderly Care is required within the old age home. There is a requirement of few caretakers for the elderly. There are no wheelchairs and walkers for the people who are not able to walk. The goal is to provide proper medical attention and improve their way of living.

Action Plan:

We are planning to set up a Medical Clinic, where a dedicated doctor is required and also nurses who need to be available 24/7, for emergency situations as the old age home is set up 8 km from a nearby town. Regular health check-ups and medication support needs to be provided for the elderly.

Join us in making a significant impact on the lives of the elderly people at Vivekananda Old Age Home in Suryapet. Together, we can provide them with the comfort and care they deserve for the years ahead. Your support can make their journey more comfortable and dignified. Join us today in this noble cause.

Your support towards oldage home care will:

Give them Financial Stability
Helps them to cover all the maintenance costs for a month

Better living for Bedridden Elderly
Will help them to move around using Wheelchairs and Walkers and also have caretakers to help
Medical Facility
Will help them to have an in-house doctor and 24/7 nurses to assist them

Spiritual Center
Will help them to improve their physical health and gives them mental peace

Be a ray of hope to elderly lives :

$100 - Become a caretaker for a resident/month

$1000 - Bring hope to 10 residents/month

$2000 - Bring hope to 20 residents/month

$1000 -Support provides a week of meals and medicines for every resident

Improve the condition of the old age home :

$1000 - Become Wall of founder

$5000 - Golden wall of Founder

$10000 - Platinum Wall of Founder

$20000 - Sponsor a room and get your name inscribed on it