Name of the Institution:

APHC Govt Old age Home for men (Government Home for Orthopedically Handicapped Men, Hyderabad)


About the institution:

The Government Home for Orthopedically Handicapped Men in Hyderabad was established in 1978 and is the first Home in Telangana state rendering pioneering service for the differently abled persons from the economically disadvantaged sections.
The men who stay in this residential shelter have been thrown out of their homes by their families, considering them to be a burden. With no other place to go, they have found solace in this home. Since its inception, they have been providing training, livelihood support for Orthopedically Handicapped (OH) Men and other disabilities without any charge. They are provided individual attention, care and regular training along with medical and educational support. The shelter currently supports 150 people with free accommodation and food



With the onset of severe food in Hyderabad, they are in need for food and grocery. Due to COVID 19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, their sources of support have reduced and are struggling to meet the basic needs.


How Can You Support Us:

You can support us by donating the amount for any of the below particulars.

S.No Particulars Quantity Estimation
1 Rice 35 bags Rs 35000
2 Dal 80 Kgs Rs 9600
3 Tamarind 60 Kgs Rs 10800
4 Refined Oil 90 Lts Rs 13500
5 Sambar Masala 40 Packets Rs 1920
6 Chilli Powder 35 Kgs Rs 7700
7 Wheat Rawa 70 Kgs Rs 2800
8 Bombay Rawa 70 Kgs Rs 2800
9 Turmeric 5 Kgs Rs 1400
10 Raagi floor 50 Kgs Rs 4000


You may support the institution with the above mentioned items in 2 ways:

1. Donation through Amazon Wishlist: by ordering items online at this link:

2. Online Donation: