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Rs.52,319 of Rs.10,00,000

Request for Help and Hope

Sirisha's life took a sudden and challenging turn when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer at the young age of 35. A devoted wife to Matsa Vijay Bhaskar Mahindra Varma and a loving mother to their two young children, Deepa Anwitha (11) and Havyansh (5), Sirisha now faces a daunting battle ahead.

The Battle Ahead

According to the doctors, Sirisha will require six rounds of chemotherapy followed by a major surgery, with medical expenses expected to total approximately 10 lakhs. For her family, this is a significant financial burden, but their determination to give Sirisha the best chance to overcome cancer is unwavering.

How You Can Help

We are contacting you, friends, family, and kind strangers, to ask for your support. Your contribution, regardless of number, will have a significant impact on Sirisha's battle with cancer. Your contributions will be used directly to her medical expenses so that she can receive the much-needed care.

Donate Now

Please contribute to Sirisha’s medical fund. Share this campaign with your friends and network to help us reach as many people as possible. Together, we can make a difference

With your help, we can give Sirisha the hope and strength she needs to face this battle. Your generosity will not only ease our financial burden but also lift our spirits in this difficult time.

Family Details:

Husband: Matsa Vijay Bhaskar Mahindra Varma, Age 43

Patient: Matsa Sirisha, Age 35

Daughter: M. Deepa Anwitha, Age 11

Son: M. Havyansh, Age 5

Your support means everything to their family and gives Sirisha a fighting chance to watch her children grow and face each day with renewed hope and strength. Donate Now



Rs.52,319 of Rs.10,00,000

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