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Introduction to DDI Program:

HYSEA, with Nirmaan Organization as the Knowledge and implementation partner has initiated the Disruptive Digital Intervention (DDI) project to provide a motivating and encouraging environment for high school students from socio-economically marginalized sections of the society, to make them Digitally Literate and help nurture a culture of innovation. To further this objective, it is proposed to establish a Digital Lab at Government school (with supportive school managements and good student strength).

DDI is intended to help in:
  • Bridging the digital divide among the students of Govt. Schools / Colleges
  • Create learning interest, and improve the students skillset
  • Improve learning processes and pedagogy
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Problem Statement:

Most of the government schools/colleges under TSWREIS (Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institution Societies) lack with the support of Digital labs / infrastructure due to high costs / lack of support from the government.

Few examples include:
  • A lack of in-house expertise. A key principle of digital transformation is the implementation of digital technologies
  • Poor employee uptake
  • Lack of planning and strategy
  • Limited budget

Many of the meritorious students from these institutions have no access to digital technology due to which they are lacking with their technical skills and hence can’t progress in their careers and compete with the other students.

This is the major problem in all the residential schools / colleges. Hence if there would be a digital classroom in every school / college for these students, they would achieve any success in their life.

Need / Commitments for the Program:

S.No Identified Problem in Govt School / College Commitment Impact Indicator
1 Many schools / colleges are not having computers. Hence, students do not have access/exposure to computers 1:1 computer-student ratio i.e., every student would get 15 minutes of time during the lab Every Child will have good access to computer facility
2 In many colleges, computers become non-functional due to repairs in hardware or software Annual Maintenance Downtime of computers is minimal
3 Schools / Colleges, especially in rural areas, have frequent power cuts. This is one of the major ground level issues which is a hindrance for students learning. A power backup (UPS/Inverter) Maximum system utilization
4 Students are not able to utilize the online learning facilities. They are not able to use the internet for education purposes as a secondary source of learning. A high-speed broadband internet connectivity; Projector/LED TV and audio facility Online teaching through live streaming and recorded video lessons. Students using educational websites

Program Objective:

To support the underprivileged students from the TSWREIS schools / colleges in terms of Digital Lab / Infrastructure setup.

SDG Alignment:

The project is aligned to the following goals under United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • Goal 4 – Quality Education

Need / Commitments for the Program:

Parameters Details
Name of the School/college TTWR Degree College
Address K.B Complex , TTWR Degree college,Utnoor
Principal Name and Contact No. N.Gagamani (6303429912)
Medium of Instruction English
No. of students (Girls) 291
No. of rooms for the Digital Lab setup 1
No. of full time Computer Instructors 0
S.No Commitment Current Situation Overall Status Recommendation for setting up Digital Lab
1 A Computer lab is setup with around 1:1 computer student ratio Is there a classroom which can be utilized for Digital Lab? Yes Nirmaan would recommend that are few internal repairs in the room. Regular budget needs to be allocated for the standardized interiors across all labs (Electrical Wiring, Fans, Etc.)
2 Any repair or renovations required for the classroom? Yes (Need equipment for digital classrooms.
3 How many computers are available with the college for computer training? 30
4 Are there any computers in need of repair? Yes(10 computers need to be repaired.
5 Based on the strength of the school / college, how many computers are required? 20 Nirmaan recommends 20 Computers in total for Digital Lab. Justification: College has 638 Students and maximum division size is 35. In order to ensure no. of computers as per the commitment of 1:1 computer to student ratio, They are requesting for additional requirements in the existing lab and another 20 computers and dedicated trainer.
6 A Computer Trainer is appointed Is there a computer trainer in the College? No Nirmaan recommends providing for a skilled computer instructor
7 Annual Repair and Maintenance is ensured Does the government provide any specific budget for repair and maintenance of the computers? NO Nirmaan recommends that AMC is to be taken up for the computers and other electronic equipment in the lab, if provided.
8 A power backup is provided How frequent are the power cuts? Twice a day They already have power backup
9 A high-speed broadband internet connectivity is provided Is internet connection available at the college? Yes They have internet connection
10 Is high speed broadband internet connectivity possible at the college location? Yes

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Be A Mentor to the trainees
  • Sharing Inspirational Stories to motivate the trainees
  • Technical sessions (based on the requirement)
  • Importance of Digital education

Branding Opportunities:

Below are few branding opportunities for the Corporate in the project:

  • Branding of the Digital Classroom as recommended by the Corporate (space will be shared and branded accordingly)
  • Branding on all promotional documentation like banners for guest talks/ motivational sessions/ workshops etc.
  • Media coverage for center activities and achievements on various mediums like radio, newspaper, TV etc.

Budget Details:

S.No Item Configuration Unit Cost No of Units Total Cost
1 Desktop System Dell/HP/Lenovo/Asus Intel dual-core CPU/ 8GB RAM/ 1TB HDD/SSD/Monitor 19"/ Windows 10/ MS office 43000 20 860000
2 Smart TV for projector TCL/Mi/AOC etc. brand 50 inch 50000 1 50000
3 CPU, wireless Mouse and Keyboard i3 desktop for projector/smart TV to operate instructor 45000 1 45000
4 CC Camera CP plus with DVR, two cameras 18000 1 18000
5 Web camera Logitech camera for volunteering sessions 5000 2 10000
6 Headsets for the computers Useful for volunteering sessions 800 21 16800
7 Transportation Transportation of tables, chairs, security grill etc. 25000 1 25000
8 Computer Tables Computer Tables 5000 21 105000
9 Chairs Box type chair with cushion 1500 21 31500
10 Branding Logo branding of donor and Nirmaan logos in the lab 15000 1 15000
11 Security grills (fabrication work) Iron grill door at the computer lab 12000 1 12000
Non-Recurring - Sub-Total (A) 1188300
S.No Item Remarks Per Unit No. of month Total Cost
12 IT Trainer (Fellow) Salary * Not to compromise on quality, 20000 per month is budgeted. Suitable profiles with less than 20000 p.m. will also be scouted for 25000 12 300000
13 Annual Training for Fellow Training for the computer instructor to enhance the skills 10000 1 10000
14 Management of Fellow * For every 10 fellows, a Program Manager with 50000 salary p.m. is appointed. Hence, per fellow share is 5000 salary p.m. 5000 12 60000
15 Internet charges 1 year 16000 1 16000
16 Miscellaneous 1500 12 18000
Recurring - Sub-Total (B) 404000
Project Budget - Sub-Total (C)=A+B 1592300
17 NGO Admin Cost (10%) (D) *Towards organizational central team, accounting and audit purposes 159230
GRAND TOTAL = C+D 1751530
Budget Summary
Budget Head Amount (in Rs.)
Non-Recurring - Sub-Total (A) 1188300
Recurring - Sub-Total (B) 404000
Admin Cost @ 10% 159230
Grand Total 1751530


HYSEA is a unique industry initiative and a non-profit organization that strives to bring together the various IT and ITes Organizations in Telangana under one umbrella to network, share knowledge and work closely with the Government and other industry stakeholders to expand into new areas of business, social development, and economic prosperity of the state.

The association is 30 years old and has more than 300+ registered members, representing nearly 90% of Telangana’s IT/ITes industry revenue and employee headcount. HYSEA member list includes a judicious mix of Large, Medium and Small, Indian and MNC companies such as Infosys, Intel, Micron, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Deloitte, Qualcomm, Microsoft, HSBC, ZF, WellsFargo, State Street, Google, Firstsource, Broadridge, Chubb, Infor, Micron, Valuemomentum, OpenText, ValueLabs, Synchrony, ZenQ, Innominds, Invenio, OSI Digital, Informatica, EnergyTech Global, TechEra IT Consulting and more from the Software Services, BPO, and Product segments.


Nirmaan is a non-profit organization founded by alumni of BITS-Pilani in the year of 2005 (registered in 2007) with inspiration from Abdul Kalam and Swami Vivekananda. We work in the fields of Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellbeing, Community Development and Social Leadership. The vision of the organization is to achieve a knowledge driven and economically empowered society; to play a crucial role in achieving a developed India where illiteracy and poverty does not exist. In the past 17 years of journey, we have impacted the lives of 2+ million beneficiaries through various impact-oriented Flagship Programs & Social Leadership Initiatives benefiting Children, Women, Youth, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), LGBTQ+ and Farmers from diverse social backgrounds across 18 States of India while partnering with 150+ Corporate, Government and Philanthropic partners.

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