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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation

"Nirmaan is the best thing which ever happened to me in life. It has given me the best of opportunities, best of friends, best of traits and what not. I really enjoyed working at the top most forum of Nirmaan and learnt a lot of things" 

                                                                                             --Manoj Papisetty, Cisco Systems, Bangalore

"Nirmaan gave me the opportunity to work with people with great commitment, amazing understanding capabilities, expertise in social field, independent thinkers, exceptional decision making skills, true friends filled with full of energy and a can-do spirit. Nirmaan has got highly inspiration team who has great ability to make leaders out of men & women alike"                                         -- Kunjan Gandhi, Gram Power, Jaipur
"Nirmaan has always been a great expedition in my life which introduced me to the world and provided me an opportunity to handle problems at every level. Nirmaan has become an integral part of our lives that it has in fact become very difficult not to think of it and its progress any time. Passion would always outweigh any constraints we have, is what I always believe"           -- Tejaswini Poluri, Samsung Electronics, Bangalore
"It is a wonderful 5 year journey. So far Nirmaan has taught me many things both personally and professionally. Being in central committee is completely different i.e., it’s more interesting and challenging and can see our decisions impacting the society in real time"                                            -- Trishool Narayansetty, Qualcomm, Hyderabad
"It was indeed a pleasure meeting you, and understanding your initiatives. You have really set up some really good and useful programmes, and we look forward to working with you. All the best in your journey—it gives one hope for the country to see your commitment!"                                                                                     -- Meena Raghunath
Director, Community Services,
GMR Varalakshmi Foundation


"I came to know about Nirmaan through Wells Fargo while volunteering for an event. I have been volunteering through Nirmaan for more than two years now.. All the volunteers are young and energetic and on the top of it they are very passionate to bring about a Change I am more than happy being part of Nirmaan activities"  

-- Krishna Chaitanya Bachu,

                                                                         Senior Technology Specialist,



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