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Welcome to Saathi4Success, where we believe in transforming dreams and the life-changing influence of kindness and support. Our campaign is dedicated to empowering meritorious students from underprivileged backgrounds, identified through Nirmaan’s Career Saathi Program. This initiative nurtures talent and assists in providing economic opportunities through the holistic development of the students. The students gain from an end-to-end support system that entails:

  • ➡ College Admissions & Scholarships
  • ➡ Hostel Support & Entrance Exam Coaching
  • ➡ One-on-One Mentoring
  • ➡ Residential Camps & Exposure Visits
  • ➡ Career Advancement Funding
  • ➡ Residential Learning Space
  • ➡ Communication Skills Training

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Meet Our Bright Stars

Meet the talented students whose careers can be transformed with your support. These students possess immense potential, but their dreams are hindered by financial constraints. With your help, they can unleash their full potential and achieve the pinnacle of success

Why Support Us?

By supporting this campaign, you are not only helping these students achieve their dreams but also uplifting their families and communities. These students, in turn, will support others, creating a cycle of growth and opportunity.

Here are a few of our mentors sharing their thoughts on what inspires them to support the Career Saathi Program:


Srijita Chatterjee

What motivated you to support Career Saathi?

I am passionate about advocating for the cause of women empowerment and supporting the dreams of the underprivileged. Nirmaan’s Career Sathi program gave me a platform to mentor bright, talented students and extend support and guidance so that they can realize their full potential and be the best version of themselves. This is my humble way to help create an impact on our communities by giving wings to as many dreams as I can.


Zulekha Ebrahim

Why do you believe programs like Career Saathi are important for student development?

In some cases, students might have the potential but unfortunately might not have the right resources that could enable them to achieve their dreams. With the Career Saathi Program, we take a holistic approach to guide and support underprivileged meritorious students. We support them through career guidance, help them financially and provide them with a mentor who guides them to make a living.


Chirravuri Mydhili

What motivated you to support Career Saathi?

Being part of this program allows me to contribute directly to the cause of helping the needy! I find immense satisfaction when the students I mentor secure meaningful placements. This program , initiated by Nirmaan, do help the bright but economically challenged students to reach their goals and become financially independent!

Join us in bringing the career dreams of these students to life. Your support will create a genuine impact, fostering a community where dreams thrive, and potential is realized. Donate Now



Rs.76,603 of Rs.10,00,000

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