Nirmaan Student Chapter

Starting year : Nirmaan was founded on 12th February, 2005.

Objective: We aimed at making our surroundings educated, aware and healthy so that everyone can play their role efficiently in betterment of the Country

Work Areas: Education, Employment Operations, Community Development

Gyan Bodh- Baas and Court Community: Aimed at improving the quality of education provided to students, Nirmaan provides evening tuitions to about 70 students using innovative and interactive methods. The project also conducts health camps and workshops both for the children and the community.

Shiksha Ki Ore: Using RTE as a tool, till now we have admitted more than 45 child laborers into private schools, helping children from economically backward background achieve mainstream education. The project also interacts with the entire basti to understand their problems and help them tackle the problems.

Utkarsh: To encourage economically constrained and meritorious students to continue education, we crowd source heir scholarship from students and professors of BITS Pilani. More than 400 students have received scholarships worth Rs. 13.5 Lakhs. The project also mentors educationally backward beneficiaries to encourage them to prosper academically.

Yuva Disha: To inform students about various career opportunities, Nirmaan conducts careers counseling workshops in schools. Till date, about 1500 students have attended these workshops.

School Adoption Program: The programme has adopted a government school in Baas Village and it caters to infrastructural development of the school and impart knowledge and skills to students through various ELP and CLP Programs. The project also takes care of the health and hygiene of the students and has also conducted health camps for the same.

Unnati 1 and 2: Self Help Groups, Unnati Which gives women opportunities to earn a livelihood. We have trained about 100 women for production of kurtas, petticoats, sanitary pads, paper, and cloth bags. Currently, we have enrolled 30 women under a beautician training program.

Participatory community development: The team is dedicated to interacting with the community and understand their need. The teams had raised funds to build 10 toilets and have distributed 25 cycles in the community. The project also conducted an annual sports meet, KADAM with the participation of more than 60 children from the communities.

Impact Numbers: We have impacted more than 2500 beneficiaries under education, employment operations, and community development.

Work report 2018-2019- The report for the last semester has been attached in the mail. The points for this semester till date are as follows:

Initiated a beauty parlor training program with around 30 enrolled beneficiaries.

Conducted all thought-provoking seminar by our professor Dr Sangeeta Sharma for around 25 women beneficiaries, who threw light upon subjects like independence, economic growth, gender barriers, and certain aspects like menstrual health and hygiene.

We celebrated an annual function with a theme of child marriage for the community people after we encountered several cases of child marriages.

Generated funds worth 6 lakh rupees through Save one rupee a day campaign.

Celebrated several events with the community like Republic day, Basant Panchami etc.

Conducted a homeopathic health camp for school kids at the Government School, Hanumatpura. More than 100 students went through entire check-up which included BMI, chest circumference, eye-sight check, and hygiene score. Menstruation awareness was also done for girls of classes 6th,7th, and 8th.

Distributed 15 Sweatshirts to the community people as a small token of gratitude whose children were regularly in attending evening tuitions and schools. Conducted a workshop on awareness regarding flu and ways to prevent