School Adoption Program


Every Child has access to Quality Education

Our Objectives

  • To ensure every child has access to quality education through support for a conducive and safe learning environment.
  • To develop a government school into a model school, in terms of infrastructure, academic standards and holistic development of a student in a span of 3-5 years of time.


Nirmaan School Adoption Program (SAP) adopts Government Schools in vulnerable condition and transform them into Model Schools and thereby ensure:

  • Maximize school resource utilization and increase in enrollment rate
  • Decrease in absenteeism & drop-out rate
  • Increase in Academic Performance of each child

Program Description

We aim to achieve program goals through various interventions falling under 3 focus areas.

Infrastructure Development (10 point commitment)

Basic Infrastructure CLASS Framework
No Teachers Shortage C - Quality COMPUTER classes through Digital Lab
Clean and Separate Toilets L - LANGUAGE Proficiency through english lab & well-stocked LIBRARY
Safe Drinking Water A - Encouragement to ARTS
Classrooms with basic amenities S - Adequately equipped SCIENCE LABS
Good building and safe playground S - Focus on physical education and SPORTS

Academic Development (Accelerated Learning Program)

  • 3Rs - Read, wRite & aRithmetic
  • Arts based bridge program
  • Smart Classrooms

Holistic Development

  • Volunteering and Mentoring
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Life Skills

Key Activities

  • TEACHERS - Engage teachers in improving academic performance of students
  • HEAD MASTER - Encourage headmaster through leadership sessions and exposure
  • EVALUATION - Periodic evaluation of impact and encourage course corrections and drive new innovations
  • SMC & PARENTS - Support SMC for school development through active involvement
  • CHILD LEVEL TRACKING - Tracking the changes in students -- baseline, midline and endline assessments

Our Impact

Reached 29194+ students in over 69 schools in over 3 states of India

Student Testimonials

I didn’t know how to operate computer in my previous school though we had a Computer lab. I joined this school in Class 7. Now I got an opportunity to learn about computers and also to do practicals. When I entered the lab, I was surprised to see the setup. It gives the experience of a corporate office. Now I am able to work on the computer. I learnt drawing in MS Paint. I did basic arithmetic calculations using MS Excel. And also, I did many projects using the internet for different subjects. Thank you for giving me this golden opportunity.  
- Venugopal Reddy (8th class), ZPHS Manikonda

Team Involved

  • Mounika Konatham
  • Manohar Gangadhari
  • Krishna K Pillai

Major Sponsors

Wells Fargo OpenText Synchrony
Invesco Syniverse United Way of Hyderabad (Deloitte)
For a Better Tomorrow UST Global
Wells Fargo
United Way of Hyderabad (Deloitte)
For a Better Tomorrow
UST Global

Recent Activities

  • Solar Plant and UPS Batteries were installed in ZPHS Kothaguda to reduce electricity bill
  • Organized inter-school sports competition at ZPHS Kothaguda
  • Constructed separate wash rooms for boys and girls at CNN Thanda