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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation



The mission of the VKCs is to harness the power of information and communication technologies in the knowledge, skill, economic and social empowerment of rural families.


1. To inculcate reading habits among the children through our library in VKC.

2. To make the children familiar with computers.

3. To connect the villagers to the external world through newspapers, magazines, computers, transistor and television that are set up in our VKC

This project has been taken up in lines with the Village Knowledge Centers established by MS Swaminathan Research Foundation. As a part of VKCs, two village libraries have been established and running successfully in Raila and Dhandar villages of Pilani chapter through this project. Sankalp, an organisation from US University is funding for two more libraries and for upgrading one library to a full fledged VKC. These are planned to up nearby Pilani, Hyderabad and at Warangal.


 Place of Implementation and statistics:



  Place   No of beneficiaries
  1   Raila, a village near Pilani, Rajasthan   30
  2   Dandar, a village near Pilani, Rajasthan   70
  3   Yenkapally, Ranga Reddy Dist, Near Hyderabad, A.P (Project in pipe line, funds   sanctioned by Sankalp, USA)   -
  4   A village near NIT Warangal (Project in pipe line, funds sanctioned by Sankalp, USA)   -


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