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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation

Knowledge Operations

Knowledge Operations aims to empower people through education. The projects are primarily restricted only to Zari, a nearby slum housing eight hundred people. Zari is a small community having two government schools, a primary school and a middle school. The medium of education is Urdu and Kannada. The standard of education in the schools is not up to the mark. K-ops aims at raising the standard of education in the community.

Currently, there are two projects that teach students of class 1st to 5th. Shiksha trains 5th standard students in English and Logic for the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST). Teach Zari teaches younger students English and basic Math.

Career Counselling is a new project set up with the aim of giving career advice to 10th standard students by conducting counselling sessions and establishing a helpline.


Shiksha is a project which trains 5th standard students of SYSM school in Zari for the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST), which is an yearly scholarship exam conducted by the central government. Selected students are admitted into JNV's that are situated all over the country. JNV's are among the top schools in the country. The selected students get free education up to 12th class in CBSE board.


Shiksha since Inception

The project was started in 2010 in the government school in Birla. It was shifted to SYSM school in Zari in 2011. 10 students were selected after a screening test and trained for an year before they sat for the exam in April 2012. Shiksha achieved some success with this batch as 2 kids got through the test and are now attending JNV, North Goa. The other kids who could not get through have shown a significant academic improvement in their higher classes.

The second batch in Zari containing 15 students was selected following a screening test, in September 2012. Due to certain constraints, none of the students could clear the exam.


Volunteer Action

The JNVST involves three subjects, namely English, Math and Logical Reasoning. The students at Zari are able to grasp Logic easily and quickly, but find Math hard. The volunteers train the students in English, Math and Logical reasoning with more preference to math. The program runs on all six working days of the week and the volunteers take turns to go teach. Enough volunteers are present in every session so as to facilitate maximum one to one teaching time.


Current Scenario

Classes for the current batch of 2013-2014 were started in September 2013 when the Shiksha team was enhanced with more volunteers. 14 kids were selected this year through a series of selection tests. These kids have been divided into 3 groups to enhance teacher attention. In December, the volunteers ensured that the JNVST applications were filled and sent. Advanced math and Logical Reasoning is currently being taught in classes. Regular worksheets are given to the students to help retention of the concepts being taught. The JNV entrance test is on 8th February and we at Shiksha expect a good result this year.


Road Ahead

Shiksha as a project is still in its infant stage and has a long way to go. We aim at 100% result from the students we train. We are looking forward to inducting more volunteers and selecting more students. We want our success to bring in more kids and convince more families to encourage their kids. Volunteers and students are putting in a lot of hardwork to make this dream come true.

Shiksha is an initiative of Nirmaan-Goa, started with a vision to help the underprivileged students gain free access to quality education. It involves providing coaching to the students of 5th standard in the government schools for the Admission Test of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas are top class high schools , run by central government which provides free education to poor students untill 12th class.


Teach Zari

Teach Zari is a project under Nirmaan Goa which focuses on providing quality education to the children of Zari, a local slum community and nearby areas. The project not only compliments the school education the children receive but also involves teaching of subjects like English which would make the children ready for an increasingly globalized world.


Teach Zari since Inception

In 2011, a small room was rented beside the Zari temple to teach students who came from Zari and the nearby communities. It was started as two separate verticals called Teach Maths and Teach English. These two verticals were later merged to form Teach Zari. Teach Zari has since then grown rapidly and has created a substantial impact on the children of Zari.


Volunteer Action

Teach Zari mainly focuses on the subjects of Maths and English. The reason for choosing these two subjects was because English acts as a tool for effective communication and Maths is a subject that requires the application of logic, both necessary qualities for tomorrow’s citizens. Apart from academics, Teach Zari organizes various other activities like painting and drawing to hone the creative skills of the students.  Enough volunteers are present for the roughly one and a half hour session of Teach Zari that takes place from Monday to Saturday during evenings.


Current Scenario

The present operations of Teach Zari began in the first semester of 2013-14 and have seen quite a lot of success.  The regular attendance varies from 10-15 students and often climbs to about 20. The teaching mainly revolves around Primary school students as the project aims at creating a strong base for the students to learn and explore as they go further in their education. Worksheets are given to the students to help the students in applying what they have learnt. This year saw Teach Zari involve itself in preparing promising 5th class students for the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST), a scholarship exam which provides funding for the child’s education upto 12th class. One student showed a fantastic grasp of concepts and we at Teach Zari are expecting a good result from him.


Road Ahead

Teach Zari has evolved well in its initial years and we plan to expand further. We are planning to introduce more subjects and are also aiming for an increase in the attendance. We are implementing steps to improve discipline among the students and maintain regularity of attendance. There are plans to train students for JNVST as well. Many more plans are under the process of discussion and are going to be implemented in the next semester. We at Teach Zari aim to provide access to quality education to every child in Zari and the volunteers have been working dedicatedly to realize this dream.

Career Counselling

Career counselling is a project which aims to provide quality information to students about various career options and how to pursue them. The focus is on students of class 9th and 10th, they are counselled about various career options, motivating them to pursue and achieve their dreams.


Volunteer Efforts

As Career Counselling is a completely new project, the volunteers have been collecting information about various career options that the students would be interested in pursuing. The volunteers prepare and conduct sessions providing specific information to schools depending on the section of students in that school.


Initial Phase

The first career counselling session was conducted on 7th October 2013 at Municipal School, Vasco. The session witnessed around 56 students attending the same. The session was conducted with the aid of illustrious power point presentations. The session was a big success and received positive feedback from the students.

Booklets containing brief descriptions about different career fields along with information related to examination dates, application procedure, scholarships etc. were distributed during the session.



A smaller model based on the Vidya Helpline project has been launched by the team. Students having any career related enquiries can give a missed call on the number provided. The query would be addressed within 24 hours. This scheme is expected to help students all over goa.

The Vidya Helpline number: 9673147772


Future Plan

The project aims to cover a minimum of 5 schools before May 2014 and benefit as many students as possible. The volunteers are currently working on include new fields in their sessions as well as acquire more information about the existing career fields.


Health Operations firmly believes that sanitation and health advancement are critical for social development. Several projects have been initiated following this line of thought under this vertical for the upliftment of the people living in the nearby slum of Zari. The prime focus of Health operations is the effective disposal of garbage and provision of clean toilets in the community. Health Operations is currently present only in the Goa chapter in Nirmaan.


The Seed Stage

Lack of hygiene and poor implementation of government schemes in Zari led to the birth of Health Operations. The poor waste management system was the first problem Health Operations decided to tackle. Over the years, Health camps and awareness programs, especially regarding monsoon, were conducted in Zari. An unsuccessful attempt to tackle the waste management problem in zari prompted Health Operations to take help from the Zuari Industries. Now Health Operations has approached the government for assistance.

Waste Management Project

Waste Management Project

Following a census conducted by Nirmaan Goa in 2012 in Zari, health was found to be a major concern among the residents. The Waste management project was initiated and a proposal was made regarding the installation and management of several strategically placed dustbins in the community to the Sarpanch, under the Rural Waste Management Scheme (2005). Health Operations is currently in talks with the sarpanch regarding the implementation of this project.

Sanitation Project

Sanitation Project

Open air defecation is a major issue in Zari. The Sanitation project was initiated with the proposal of building toilets in the community. For a total of 800 people residing in Zari, only two public toilets have been constructed. Talks have been made with the Public Works Department (PWD) Department of Zuarinagar under the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaaan Scheme and land has been requested from the Zuari industries. An NOC certificate has also been requested from the Airport Authority of Goa regarding the building of toilets.

Employment Operations

Employment Operations at Nirmaan Goa aims to empower community based SHGs (Self-help groups) by adding business insights to philanthropic models. Currently, Employment Operations is engaged in helping the women of Zari community develop skills that will help them make and sell products. The objective of this operation is to make the SHG self-sustainable and leave them with a skill-set that loops itself without any kind of major external assistance.


Emp-ops since inception

The vertical was started 5 years back with a group of 25 women from Zari community. From its commencement the women are engaged in making a variety of products like paper bags and candles. More products have been made since then. The women have come together to established a Self Help Group called Ashadeep.


Volunteer action

The Volunteers look for opportunities in different events taking place around Goa and try to obtain orders for the women. The volunteers assist the women in arranging raw material, and help them in their skill building. The volunteers have successfully established a good relationship with the women over time.


Current scenario

Currently Employment Operations is involved in obtaining orders for BITS campus events. Orders were obtained for working to make paper bags for Quark and BITMUN. They are also contacting various conferences, schools, colleges, spas in Goa to sell the products. A number of other projects like the notebook project have been initiated.


Future plans

Employment Operations is planning to expand to Birla, another slum nearby, aiming to establish a similar Self Help Group there. To meet the large number of orders, Employment Operations aims to expand to increase the number of women in Ashadeep and provide them with further training to make more products.

Participative Community Development

Participative Community Development is a project which aims to see visible development of the community through active participation of the people and to bring about leadership amongst the people. This project organises activities that involve and bring together people from the community.


The project was initiated around August 2012 with the sole aim of establishing good relations with the volunteers and involvement of community leaders to work along with the volunteers for the common cause. Initially the project was called 'Community Development Initiative' but later got renamed to 'Participative Community Development'. The later name was considered to be more appropriate considering the type of duties and objectives the team encompasses.

Current Scenario

One of the biggest achievements of PCD this year has been the 'Street Play' which was successful in building good relations between NIRMAAN and the community. (Link: Other events that took place this year include the celebration of Republic Day and other festivals with the people of the community.

Volunteer Action

The volunteers work towards understanding the needs and problems of the people and help solve these problems. Presently the project does not have any fixed number of volunteers. Volunteers from other projects work together in organising all the events.

Future Plans

The volunteers are working towards forming a committee within the community to facilitate the smooth running of other Nirmaan project. This committee will also help in making the community self-reliant. A set of activities associated with upcoming festivals has been planned for the next few months.

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