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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation


Sunita refused to send her 3 year old son to Aanganwadi to study. She feared her son wouldn't be cared for and that he may get hurt. After repeatedly explaining the importance of education, she relented and sent him with us. He has been coming regularly since then.

On 26th January this year, we invited the women of Baas for our Republic Day program. Most were unwilling to come. To our surprise, Sunita took initiative and convinced her friends to attend the function. As a result, the turnout of women was the maximum that day. She led the whole group to the event with confidence and enthusiasm.

These are our initial steps towards involving the community in the development of their village.



  Our Journey So Far:

The Community Development Initiative (CDI) is a relatively new project taken up in the year 2010.

After working for 5 years with the nearby communities, our volunteers felt a strong need for a change in our approach. Earlier, we used to take a project based approach i.e. solve problems according to our perception with minimum involvement of the villagers in our work.

As time passed it was realised that the most important ingredient of a self-sustainable village is community involvement. Hence, with the aim of prioritizing the needs of the community over what we perceived as a need, we started with a community based approach.

The several phases involved in the working of CDI can be seen in the illustrations given below:


Our Mission for the year 2013-14:

1. To spread awareness:

- Among the youth of Baas about various employment opportunities with the help of Disha

- Among the community about health and hygiene

2. Improve connectivity with the village through various events and celebrations in collaboration with other projects.

3. Better execution of Anganwadi.

Project Budget:

Varies with semesters. Proposed budget for next semester:


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