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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation


Mr Bimal Prasad is in his thirties and is a hard working and honest man. He works as a tenant in farm fields in the village of Raila in Rajasthan. There is not much agriculture in the village due to lack of adequate rainfall and poor or no irrigation techniques. He works hard to earn money for his kids because he wants them to study and do good in life. But his children are not able to study effectively due to frequent power cuts in the village.

Many such problems plague Indian villages, the so called backbone of our nation. Parishodh is an attempt to solve grassroots problems through the use of technology.



Our journey so far-:

Parishodh began with the simple idea of solving socially challenging issues using
our technical knowledge. We, as engineers, wanted to help society at large through our knowledge.



A few milestones in our journey so far:

1. Creation of a volunteer management website for an NGO.
2. Designing a network for automated water measurement in Raila ( a village).


Our mission for 2013-14-:
Creation of a sustainable model of Parishodh in the campus with effective searching and undertaking of projects.


Project Budget-:


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