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We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation

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More than 1 million villages in our country still don’t have access to electricity. Over 37.7 million people in India are affected by water-borne diseases due to contaminated drinking water supply.  National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) stated that there were at least 16,196 farmers' suicides in India in 2008, bringing the total since 1997 to 199,132. And the list continues. All this converges to the same point that India needs to concentrate more on the advancement of grass root Technologies.

Vision: To drive a socio-economic change towards sustainable development in the country using science and technology as an enabling tool.

Mission: To create a highly talented and motivated workforce of engineers in the country who shall strive to take technology to the grassroots, and positively impact the lives of the underprivileged.


  • To promote the development of need-based technology solutions among engineers and engineers-to-be
  • To concentrate efforts on the practical applications of research and development at the grassroots



Operating Model


Short Term Impact:

  1. To support students with ideas for innovation for social and environmental problems by  providing mentorship and actively getting involved in the process of innovation 
  2. To Identify Social, Environmental problems and the needs of marginalized poor; and design and innovate practical and affordable solutions to these problems using science and technology

Long Term Impact:

  1. To act as a platform that brings together technical expertise, young talent and resources at the universities; and grass-roots experience to find solutions to social and environmental problems.
  2. To act as an incubating agency that strives for the implementation of developed solutions through the Government, NGOs and Social Enterprises

Work done So far:

  1. Parishod teams are established in two chapters namely BITS pilani and BITS Goa.
  2. Grass roots problem solving events like Dhiti and Bhagirath were conducted during our tech fest like APOGEE  and SPARKS in BITS pilani and BITS Goa respectively with more than 300 participants every year since 2009
  3. A paper bag making machine is developed by our team in Goa which is transferred to the SHGs to help them in the source of generating some income.
  4. Established a good relationship with organizations working in technology frontier like NIF, NSEF, EWB, SKDRDP, Sustainable Innovations and Pratham.

Current Work in progress:

  1. A sustainable Rain Water Harvesting project called Aakash Ganga is being undertaken by Parishod Team in BITS pilani in collaboration with Sustainable Innovations Ltd.
  2. A Bio gas plant project taken up Parishod Team of BITS Pilani in collaboration with an NGO called SKDRDP.
  3. A project on developing educational videos in regional languages called E-Shiksha is  being undertaken by Parishod Team of BITS Goa.

Organization Structure

Parishod functions through the centers established at the universities. The organizational structure of Parishod consists of two teams; core team and research team.  The core team looks after the overall working and administrative tasks while research team will carry out core research and development activities

  • Core Team:

The core team identifies and defines problem statements by interaction with Govt., organizations and communities. It initiates research projects and form research teams by inviting students, technical associations; initiating TIC projects. It initiates collaborations with Govt. and organizations. It monitors the progress of research projects; facilitates required mentorship and raise funding for the projects. The core team also conducts competitions to acquire best ideas and teams.
Core team also works for arranging funding for the projects officially taken up by Parishod. In case of the projects in association with Govt. or other organizations, funding can be sought from them. The terms of funding in such case will be decided when the projects are initiated

  • Research Teams:

Research teams conduct research on the projects taken up. Their association with Parishod may remain limited to the project or it can go beyond through their involvement in the functions of core team. The members of core team can also be encouraged to participate in research projects. With time this overlap of functions should increase evolving into an expanding, participatory, self evolving but well coordinated structure

More Details

Our Approach

  • Identification of the problems:

Identifying social, environmental problems and the needs of marginal poor to which technical, management, process oriented solutions can be offered. This process of identification can take place through various means such as discussions with NGOs, government, Social Enterprises; direct communication with communities through field trips and days long immersions experiences; Internships at NGOs working at grass-root level etc.

  • Research Projects:

Initiating research projects to develop solutions to identified problems. Forming research teams by bringing together the talent and expertise at the academic institutions such as students, professors, technical associations; resources and infrastructure facilities available at the academic institutions; and grass-root experience. The Research projects can be in the form of formal projects under the guidance of Professors or informal projects taken up by technical associations, group of students.

  • End-to-end Involvement:

Monitoring the process of innovation from its inception to end. Following up the progress of the research projects and making sure that the research teams work with the right pace and motivation. Making the required resources, infrastructure facilities available for research projects. Arranging for mentorship in the form of technical expertise and grass-root experience.

  • Implementation:

Ensuring that the solutions being developed are practical, affordable and implementable. This will happen by being in continuous communication during the process of innovation with the stakeholders like communities and NGOs who are going to adopt the solutions; and involving them in the process of design and innovation. Carrying out an iterative process of feedback, pilot implementation and refinement by working closely with communities and NGOs. Trying for the implementation and marketing of solutions developed by the research teams through NGOs, Government and Social Enterprises. Incubating entrepreneurial start ups for the solutions which have market potential

  • Competitions:

Conducting open competitions at the universities where technical solutions will be invited on social and environmental problems in various broad areas. Such competitions are indented to motivate students to work towards technology for grass-roots; and invite solutions from much larger audience. Ideas coming up during these competitions can then further be taken up by Parishod as research projects or can be provided with mentorship

  • Support and consulting

Apart from the research projects and competitions Parishod can provide mentorship and other possible support to the students, groups working on the projects. The nature of such support will be decided on case by case basis and will be provided on demand.


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