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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation

OBJECTIVE : Help the mentee to have a well defined ambition & guide them to have a path to achieve their goals. Help the mentee develop confidence and a positive outlook on life through individual attention.

KIND OF MENTORSHIP – We will mentor the students in academics and also help them deal with personal & additional issues such as improving communication skills, Computer skills, gathering information about various opportunities.

DURATION – As long as the mentee needs the mentor. Mentor can meet the mentee in the beginning of the program and keep constant updates once in a fortnight.

TARGET MENTEES – 18 years to 21 years (Graduation Pursuing) students performing well in academics and awarded with scholarship under NSMP.

SETTING AND ACHIEVING GOALS:  Ask the mentee if they have any career path in mind. (It could be anything from teacher, lawyer to IAS officer). If the mentee does not have a career path in mind educate them about the various career options available and based on the academic performance/interests suggest a few career options to the mentee (Do not impose your beliefs on the mentee, let the mentee decide what he/she wants to do)

If a career path is decided, do research and educate the mentee on the (Nirmaan Vidya Help Line project can support us in this aspect)

  1. Exams to be taken
  2. Colleges they can attend to pursue the career
  3. Scholarships (government/otherwise) available – This is very important because a lot of students have to give up on education because of their inability to pay fees.
  4. Make them prepare for alternate plans.
  5. Constantly motivate them with encouraging words, be an elder sister or brother to them.
  6. Always remember that every person is different and if any issue arises to which you cant find a solution, please approach the lead or other mentors.

Few suggestions that can be given to the MENTEE

  1. Participating in Group Discussions, Debates, Exhibitions and Educational Fairs. (Knowledge Gaining)
  2. Taking internships, fellowships, Certifications Programs. (Practical Experience)

Just treat the mentee as your elder sister or brother & guide them constantly.


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