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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation

To create a platform for the rural women to earn a livelihood by forming a self-sustainable group which through self help and mutual help prepare products and market them.


  • To form a group of 8-10 rural women and induce in them savings habit
  • To attach a business model to the group depending on the skill set and interests of the group
  • Help in the production and marketing of the products 
  • Make the group and business model self-sustained.



First we conduct a survey in the village and find out their interests. Then a training centre is opened in the village started by bringing the trainers according to the villager’s requirements. This can range up to a month. A very nominal fee of Rs.30 per month per person is collected so that the women are regular.Illiterate women are taught to at least sign their names.The training period lasts usually for a month. 

Forming a group:
After the training period women who have become proficient are short listed and the concept of SHGs is explained and a group is formed with a group of around 8 to 20 interested ladies.

Pilot production:
A pilot production is made to test the market for the products. This takes 10-15 days according to the products requirements.

Production process:
It takes about 2-3 months according to the market of the product.

We put up stalls for festivals like Oasis and Waves. There are Melas which go throughout Rajasthan, Goa. Contracts from mela owners are taken and the products are sold. There is lot of demand for Rajasthani products outside Rajasthan. Output of 5 to 6 SHGs is clubbed to make a large quantity and then Places like Delhi, Goa, Kerala and other tourist destinations are targeted. In this way profits are made and distributed amongst the ladies.

Place of Implementation:


  Place   No of beneficiaries
  1   Dandar, a village near Pilani   6 families
  2   Raila, a village near Pilani   10 families
  3   Bhaas, a village near Pilani   8 families
  4   Zari, Goa   6 families
  5   Birla, Goa   10 families



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