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Career Workshop Model


Goal Setting and Career Workshop is a face to face counseling wherein the trainers directly reach out to the students and inspire them to aspire for greater heights in life there by making them DREAM BIG.A huge spectrum of opportunities is then laid before them to choose.


In urban areas, there are many people today who are pursuing careers they are not passionate about. But in rural areas, the dreams of the students end with their schooling and Education and Career becomes a least priority for them, especially girls. They surrender themselves to their social backgrounds. However there are a plenty of options open for the students to assist. So the information we give is a source for them to decide on their future.
The purpose of conducting career workshop in goal setting workshop is to ensure that each and every child of class 9 and 10 sets himself a goal not out of ignorance or need but out of interest and information. The main aim of goal setting workshop is to make them believe in themselves and encourage them to pursue their dream career with total confidence in their strength and ability.

A two phase workshop model to make the rural students DREAM BIG by motivating them through videos and inspirational stories and exposing to career opportunities like nursing,paramedical, vocational along with professional courses like Doctor, Engineering,etc



























This way, we are actually projecting them various career opportunities that they would never have known. They have very limited exposure about their career opportunities and it is through this process, you are trying to lay a pool of career opportunities for the students to pick up appropriately .The goal setting session is also called as the DREAM Phase.

Expectations from Respect Phase:

At the end of this phase, the students are educated about the due respect to each career and laying before them a pool of career opportunities implicitly.
Exposure to Careers
After exposing the students to the various career opportunities around them, we need to concrete a few careers that are feasible to these girl students.

For any course being described, the optimum information to be shared with the students is:

  • Immediate Education after 10th
  • Free Education after 10th in Colleges


At the end of the plan phase, the volunteer should inform them about the opportunities of the following, post tenth class:

  •  Hostels
  • Free Education
  • Scholarships

Out Reach in Career Counseling Workshops

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