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Vision of Vidya Help Line:

Every student to obtain excellent guidance and appropriate ways to obtain monetary support to pursue the right education of their choice.

60,000+ queries have been resolved till March 31 2013. Made 30,000+ government school students Dream BIG by career counseling workshops.

Motivation for the project:

The weaker and the underprivileged section of students, especially from rural areas stop their education because of financial hurdles. They are not aware of various scholarships available. Also, they do not have access to good academic advice and career counseling and thus, can’t take informed decisions regarding their future studies or career options. They lack guidance in their education and career from their parents and society. They lag in finding their own strengths and interests. 

Need: It is observed that a rural student faces the two major hurdles while choosing and pursuing a right career:

  1. Lack of “relevant information on demand” to make a life changing decision
  2. Lack of monetary and/or family support to pursue a career of his/her choice


Vidya Help Line currently offers two key services


Tele counseling helpline 1800-425-2-425

Vidya Helpline Tele-counseling is a free service offered to students to avail information and guidance from experts on academics and careers at the golden hour.

Key Objectives of the Tele counseling center are

  1. Provide authentic and complete information to government school students in the following categories:













  1. To act as life-time academic counselor for all students and dropouts across the state.


The project was inaugurated on 22nd May 2010, initiating tele counseling center, by honorable Home minister, Andhra Pradesh and has been working in collaboration with Ranga Reddy District government. Till 31st March 2013, 60,462 queries from more than 20,000 students across A.P have been addressed. With the immense need of lack of information in the rural areas and high number of calls to a single line, we have expanded the project with 5 additional lines and have operational with 6 lines since 22nd Sep 2012.

Tele Helpline Working Model:

Career information and guidance is provided to the students through the toll free number. At the call centre, we have well qualified and trained full time academic counselors who assist the students. When a call is received at the call centre, it is attended by the counselors and the most authentic information is provided to the students using the most reliable and best resources, there by addressing the career needs.

Success in statistics:

  • Total calls received till March 2013: 60,462
  •  More than 17,000 unique callers
  •  Calls received from all 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh and 6 different states

Analysis of the call volume since inception



Above graph represents the trend in the quarterly call volumes.


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