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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation


Vision of school adoption program (SAP) is to convert backward rural and urban Government schools into Model Schools in 3 years of time so that they are on par with the best run city schools in terms of infrastructure and academic performance.


  • Easy access to high quality education for underprivileged rural and urban school children.
  • Bridge the knowledge, economic and opportunity divide.


SAP Methodology

  • Nirmaan has developed certain criteria to list a school as a model school. A model school should have sufficient infrastructure, enough teachers, above average academic performance, high moral standards developed among students etc.  
  • Our mission is to create a sustainable model school out of an adopted backward educational institution. This is to be achieved through active collaboration with the government, the village community and other alliance partners. Through these collaborations, the schools are provided required infrastructure like drinking water, toilets, class rooms and the academic performance is improved.
  • So, before adopting any school, we survey the school using the SAP questionnaire, interact with teachers, students and parents and get to know all the details of the school. Once we confirm that the school is backward and needs our help, we talk to teachers and parents and explain our SAP objectives and make arrangements for the school to get adopted.
  • Once the school is adopted, we form a school development committee (SDC) with 6 to 8 members comprising Principal, senior teachers, parents committee representatives, other NGO representatives and Nirmaan members. As per the understanding of the prevailing conditions in the school and the needs, school development committee makes a plan for that school to get converted to model school within a specified time period.
  • The plan gets implemented in different phases and the progress is reviewed by SDC every month and further steps are planned. Once the school successfully meets the criteria of a model school, Nirmaan would leave that school and ask the Principal of the school to hold its alliance partners and continue SDC meetings and regular improvements.
  • In general in SAP, we aim at an increase in enrollment, reduction in dropouts, and a higher percentage of the students passing the crucial 10th class exam with high marks. In concrete terms, we are aiming at:

    1. An increase in enrollment by 5% every year
    2. Less than 2% drop out rates
    3. Greater than 90% pass percentage for 8th and 10th class levels with more than 50% students getting above 70% marks
    4. Highly motivated teachers and students with a decrease in absenteeism
    5. Greater than 80% scores in hard infrastructure/ soft infrastructure/ collaboration indices.

 The total number of schools taken up under SAP are Bangalore - 4, Hyderabad - 4, Pilani - 1, Goa - 2, Pune - 1, Mumbai - 1

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