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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation

NIRMAAN BKBIET chapter started in September 2013 with the Joy of Giving Week organized for the kids of the working labors of the college. It started working as an expansion team under the BITS chapter with the 7-8 volunteers involved then. But gradually it dwelled as an individual chapter of NIRMAAN. Presently there are 30 dedicated volunteers working on the three undergoing projects:

UDAY : The teaching project , with an objective of teaching the underprivileged kids of the working labor and inculcating proper moral instincts in them.

POSHAN : The nourishment project , with an objective of providing  proper nourishment to the kid coming to study under UDAY.

AMBEDKAR BASTI : The community project , with an objective of making the community self sufficient and independent with proper lights, roads, water and education facilities.

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