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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation



SHG-Baas' aim is to improve the living standards of the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Baas by empowering the womenfolk. Hand dexterity for stitching and knitting in the village women made us choose the production of cellulose bags as an effective measure to enhance their economic as well as social status. These machine-tailored bags are the outcome of the diligent efforts of the members at the SHG.The market for the bags ranges from Chirawa and Pilani to the BITS co-op Akshay. The success and growth of the SHG lies in the spirit of perseverance with which the women work to make their living.

Please help us in spreading smiles among the women by purchasing our eco-friendly cellulose bags from Akshay.

You can contact us for bulk orders too.

Kshitiz Sethi 

          M: 9610247792

           E : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Sunita refused to send her 3 year old son to Aanganwadi to study. She feared her son wouldn't be cared for and that he may get hurt. After repeatedly explaining the importance of education, she relented and sent him with us. He has been coming regularly since then.

On 26th January this year, we invited the women of Baas for our Republic Day program. Most were unwilling to come. To our surprise, Sunita took initiative and convinced her friends to attend the function. As a result, the turnout of women was the maximum that day. She led the whole group to the event with confidence and enthusiasm.

These are our initial steps towards involving the community in the development of their village.




Creating a platform for rural women in Baas to earn a livelihood by forming a self-sustainable group, which prepares products and markets them.


Self Help Group - Khedla
Organizing a self-sustainable Self Help Group in Khedla, which produces and sells a variety of consumer goods, thereby helping in uplifiting the womenfolk in the village.



Providing academic/career guidance and necessary monetary support to gain the right education. No student should face difficulty in education because of lack of money or guidance.

Gyan Bodh

Providing value-based education to under-privileged children. We conduct evening classes to create interest in education, for character building, and to inculcate the value of Nation-building in kids.

School Adoption Program

Transforms backward rural and urban Government schools into Model schools. Underprivileged rural and urban school children should get high quality education, in order to bridge the knowledge, economic and opportunity divide.

Shiksha Ki Ore

Building quality educational infrastructure for poor kids, providing them bridge courses, adn finally admitting them into schools.


To decrease the drop out rate of students and encourage financially distressed, but meritorious, students to continue their studies through scholarships and mentoring.

Unnati Notebooks

The goal of our leaders, since time immemorial, was to engineer a self-sufficient and poverty-free country. Taking that inspiration forward, and adjusting it to modern definitions; we at SHG-Khedla, aspire to instill the spirit of self-reliance among the women of the village. Their skills have been utilized to come up with these notebooks, which is one of the many products that Nirmaan has been producing through its SHG programs since the last 7 years. Every book that you buy supports these women, who otherwise have very limited sources of income.

This New year do your bit to help the women and spread happiness by purchasing these notebooks.

To order online please register by filling the details in the form .

P.S: Only Bitsians in Pilani can register online for this books.Stocks are limited.Please hurry!

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Notebook covers:   FRONT                                                         BACK

Front coverNotebook cover-Back

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Yodh is an Inter SchoolSports Competition organised by ICS among its member schools.  It primarily aims at bringing children of different age groups across different schools together for friendly games against each other.It includes many sports including cricket, volleyball, long jump, chess and different track events.

Rightly considered as a vital cog in the working of ICS, Yodh has helped in bringing together all schools under one banner and inculcating healthy competitive spirit. This has receivedrave reviews from all the schools in that it brings about all round development of the students.     

Last year Yodh had over 200 participants from four different schools.  This time the number of schools invited has been increased.  With each passing year Yodh keeps getting bigger and better involving more participants who are eager to fill their schools’ trophy cabinets.

Women are often neglected when it comes to village affairs. However, there are several villages in India where women are now undergoing empowerment programmes to enable them to contribute towards the community.

One such shining example is a small village near Pilani, Khedla. For years, the women of the village have lived in ignorance of the social and economic nuances of their day-to-day living. They have depended on the males of the family to handle all these matters, while they concentrated on the household activities.

However, all this changed approximately 5 years ago, 

With a vision to design and build a model village, NIRMAAN took up the initiative to
understand the needs and challenges of the community and take up projects/activities to address those within the capacity of Nirmaan and collaborating with other NGOs to address the rest and at the same time bring in a strategic shift in the direction of our current projects, wherever required, to suit the community needs.
The main objective is to involve the local community into our projects, identify local leaders to lead and sustain the community development initiatives as well as projects of Nirmaan with minimum intervention of Nirmaan by making the projects self-sustainable.

There is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving"

True religion is giving and finding one's happiness by bringing happiness into the lives of others.

The Joy of Giving Week, attempts to do just what this saying advocates, bring happiness into one's own life and enrich that of others by giving, giving in abundance.

Nirmaan has taken up this mantle and celebrated JOGW 2010 with aplomb. Hoping to make JOGW-2011 even bigger...!!

Back in the year 2010, series of events were conducted during the Joy of Giving Week. A massive drive of newspaper collection was taken up and old newspapers were collected from students. Also, prominent clubs in the campus like Music Club extended their hearty co-operation by treating the students of Gyan Bodh to a memorable performance. It was a first of a kind experience for these students. A smile on their faces at the end of performance said it all...........!! But the event that mattered the most was the Dinner of Joy. For once the roles were reversed- the mess workers, the chowkis and the security guards of the campus who form a quiet background of our daily life were treated to a sumptuous meal.

And we are hoping to make JOGW-2011 even bigger. Eventslike Dinner of Joy will be extended this year as well. But what makes JOGW unique is the part that involves the downtrodden children of Banjara community. These children will be gathered and will be brought to the campus. To start off with, they will first be taken on a campus tour. With the help of some departments and clubs, several games and other entertainment activities will be conducted for these children. Following this will be an interactive session with the professors of BITS. They will also be treated to a sumptuous lunch.

On the 20th of August, BITS Pilani lit up like never before. Students, faculty and other members of the society, all united in thought, marched in silence in support of the anti-corruption movement, spearheaded by Anna Hazare to cleanse our system of the evil. Miles from the RamlilaMaidan in Delhi, BITSians demonstrated their own desire for a corruption-free society by turning out in large numbers and participating in the Candle Light March organised by Nirmaan.

It was a peaceful event, with campus residents from all walks of life exhibiting their support and dedication to the cause. The people who turned up cared enough about the state of our beloved nation to take a moment off their busy livesto contemplate their own role in the society and to purge their activities of any kind of corruption, big or small. All of us made a conscientious decision that day to change ourselves before mirroring that change in our society.

It was a small effort, but it has come from a section of society that has the ability to affect thousands of others. The chain, once started, will hopefully continue to arouse every Indian to enable “the rise of a great nation”.

‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

As a part of the 64th Independence Day Celebrations, Nirmaan Pilani organised a function at the Govt. School in Baas village that is under the SAP Project. The event included Flag Hoisting, Drawing Competition and Video Screening. What with a great response from all the children studying in the school or living in the village, the day was celebrated in the true spirit of the word.

The kids were first given a small educational speech on the historical importance and significance of Independence Day. Then, the Drawing Competition was held in which all of them were given a chance to showcase their creativity and freedom to express themselves. Prizes were distributed to the best five drawings and most of the sketches were put up in the school, so that theycan take pride in their efforts. Some of them even sang patriotic songs.

At the end, chocolates were distributed among them. Their enthusiasm was infectious and their exultation contagious. In the end, there were broad smiles all around, volunteers included. It was gratifying to know that a few hours spent with them lit up their day.

Innovation is, now-a-days, a commonly used term and is most sought after in individuals, and perhaps if Charles Darwin were alive he would have modified ‘Survival of the Fittest’ with ‘Survival of the Most Innovative’.

Though we have remarkably skilled engineers in India, our engineering, innovative and ground-breaking solutions hardly reach to the poor, where it is needed. To protract this knowledge to the grassroots, we present DHITI(Sanskrit for 'An Idea'), where in, you have to design effective, efficient, feasible and economical modules to curb the potential problems of India. Participants will be provided with certain broad areas and a gist on each of them.

In a nutshell, DHITI is ‘Innovation for the Masses’.


Dhiti, a kernel event in Apogee2K11 received a total of 110 abstracts from various colleges across the nation. It was held in collaboration with NSS and problem statements for the event were taken from various NGOs. Fifteen outstanding ideas among those abstracts were presented in the second phase out of which 2 are selected for the next round. The third phase will be implementing those ideas with the help of NGOs.
As a part of the event, two prominent speakers, Mr.GyaneshPandey and Mr.Sanjay Gadhalay shared their knowledge and experiences in rural technology and CEERI, Pilani held an exhibition of socially oriented technologies.

Renaissance 2k11, a social conference was held in BITS-Pilani by NIRMAAN in association with Renaissance -India. It’s a platform to connect like-minded individuals and organizations, avoid repetitive efforts through shared learning, promote collaborations and focus the student force to strengthen the existing efforts in social space.
The 3 day panorama saw speakers like Anshu Gupta from GOONJ, Swapnil of Tata JagritiYatra and many more. There were case studies for the students to discuss, start-up presentations, field trips and panel discussions on social issues.
It gave us an opportunity to collaborate with various social bodies in other colleges, organizations like Touching Lives, SOIL that can help us in implementing our projects more effectively in future

A non formal school that works in Nattbasti, and aims to make quality education infrastructure accessible to those kids who have been deprived of the opportunity of a formal education or have dropped out due to financial constraints. Our aim is to motivate them to join school through our bridge program.

Milestones:17 kids were admitted to a school and  an informal school was constructed in the basti.

Rakesh is a class 2 student in Baas village’s primary government school. Although he is a quick learner, the environment he studies in is not conducive. Students of 1st to 5th classes are accommodated in just 3 rooms, and teaching is not effective. The school does not even provide good potable water facilities, and part of the structure is in a dilapidated condition. To add to his woes, the nearest secondary school is 3 kms away. Due to this, his parents have already made up their minds to discontinue his education after class 5, and to force him into work.

To combat these problems, we work on improving the infrastructure and teaching quality in government schools.




Rahul studies in class 8 of a school in Pilani. Out of the 3 siblings in his middle class family, he is the only one who studies in an English medium school. His school has good infrastructure facilities and extra-curricular activities are encouraged. However, his teachers encourage rote learning, leading to his disinterest in studies. His father can send him for tuitions, but not without financially straining the family.

Owing to the commercialization of education, most schools lose focus on its more important aspects like practical applications, moral values etc.

We at Gyan Bodh aim to re-instill their interest in education through innovative methods of activity based learning, practical approach of problem solving etc.



Govind studies in Class 10 of a school in Pilani. He is very passionate about his career and wants to become an IAS officer. His parents are uneducated and no one in his locality can guide him properly. Also his family`s economic background is not good enough for him to pursue higher studies. He may even have to stop studying and start working to run his family.

We at Disha, aim to provide the students with complete information about the career they are interested in, and suggest possible ways to pursue it . We also inform them of scholarships for which they are eligible, and ensure that the whole procedure of applying is smooth by getting application forms, following up with the deadlines, etc. With this financial and academic guidance students like Govind can achieve their dreams without any hurdles.



Raj Bala is a class XII student in Saboo School of Pilani. She got 80.1% in XI class exams. She wants to become a software engineer. But she doesn’t have money to pay for her school fees. If she doesn’t pay the fees, the school won’t allow her to sit for the CBSE Board Exams.

This is a major reason for students to drop out of schools and give up on education. We provide scholarships and mentorship, so that financially weak students continue education and get appropriate guidance.

To know more about Utkarsh, please visit our page


Kashmiri Kiroriwal, a housewife in Khedla (a village about 4 km from Pilani), is one of the many rural women who face problems when it comes to running their households. Her husband ends up spending most of his earnings on alcohol; leaving little for his wife and three children, all of whom are currently pursuing their studies with the help of their mother. Although highly skilled in stitching and knitting, her only current source of independent income is her farm, which provides just enough for them to get by.


Our Journey So Far :-

The project had its beginnings 6 years ago, when a few women expressed their wish to learn and teach basic crafts among themselves.

Steadily, the women started being part of a production unit with Nirmaan managing the orders and materials required.

Over the years, the women have gained confidence and experience in a variety of products by gaining exposure through our routine volunteer visits, training sessions and women empowerment initiatives. They began to shed their inhibitions and today, they own a bank account with savings of over 10 women with more than INR 20000.

These women hope to earn a sustainable income over the next few years through a blend of this capital and the skills they possess.


Our Mission for the year 2013-14:-

1. Extensive market research on both existing (kurtas, notepads, notebooks) and new products( agro-based products, food products).

2. Transformation from production center model to a well-defined SHG by increasing women empowerment sessions, pooling of resources, SHG meetings etc.

3. Village mapping for expansion of the SHG.

Project Budget-:

Community information-:


Neelam is one of the most hard working members in SHG Baas. She belongs to a poor family. Earlier her father used to pay her college fees but ever since she started earning through our production center, she can do that on her own. She also saves money for her brother's education, thus reducing the load on her father's shoulders .Now, after learning and working for more than an year, she has become a role model for newcomers and has excellent managerial skills.

We aim to create a platform for the rural women in Baas to earn a livelihood by forming a self-sustainable group which through self help and mutual help prepare products and market them.




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