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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation

Nirmaan BKBIET Chapter has been started in September 2013 by the students of BKBIET, Pilani

How did it all start?

Joy of Giving Week was organized in the college by some of the active members. It was celebrated along with the kids of the construction workers in the college. The week brought everyone together and it led to the development of many projects

Then came Active Citizenship workshop in BITS Pilani. Few volunteers from BKBIET participated in it and came in good contact with the volunteers of Nirmaan, BITS Pilani. Nirmaan, BITS Pilani always helped the BKBIET team and encouraged them in turning the ideas into projects.

It led to the start of the project Uday. The objective is to teach the children of construction workers. The kids were taught in proper rooms in the MCA block of BKBIET. They were also provided with banana/milk everyday to inculcate good nourishment habits.

With time, more people joined in Nirmaan BKBIET as a result of few orientations. In the following months fun weeks, medical camps and fun trips for the kids were organized.

Nirmaan BITS-Pilani was always there when an event was organized, not only to guide but also to participate in the same. Few of the kids were admitted to a nearby government school as a result of the entire team’s hardwork.

The chapter is presently working on three projects:

  1. Uday :  Education initiative

Objective : Teaching the underprivileged children and inculcating proper moral instincts in them.

  1. Poshan : Health awareness.

Objective : Providing proper nourishment to each and every kid coming to study at Uday.

  1. Ambedkar Basti :

Vision : To make the community self sufficient and independent with good roads, lights, water and education facilities.

The team at Nirmaan BKBIET Pilani :

Prateek Singhvi was part of expansion team at Nirmaan BITS-Pilani that helped Nirmaan BKBIET chapter start off.

Hi Prateek! How was the idea of Nirmaan pitched in to the students at BKBIET? How good was the response?

The expansion team was formed in the summer holidays of 2013 with the idea of expanding Nirmaan chapter across different colleges. The expansion team in its initial meetings decided to initiate a new chapter in the city where there are considerable amount of Nirmaanites already present. With this idea in mind, the team decided to keep the meeting with BKBIET College, a nearby college of BITS Pilani.

The initial contact was set-up with a few BKBIETians. The expansion team explained them the vision and mission of Nirmaan Organization and the activities of Nirmaan Pilani. They were enthusiastic about the idea of starting a project at BKBIET, to do something similar like Nirmaan Pilani at BITS.

What are the first few activities done by the BKBIET chapter? How did Nirmaan BITS-Pilani guide them?

The first meet was set-up at BKBIET in September with around fifteen BKBIETians and after discussing the vision, mission of Nirmaan, the group discussion happened on the topics like the role of an individual in the nation building. It was decided by the expansion team that before starting a project, the first thing to do was to celebrate some event which could spread the words of Nirmaan in the campus as well as it could bring all the like minded people together. There couldn’t be a better opportunity then to celebrate Joy of Giving Week.

More than 50 BKBIETians were involved in the celebration. All the faculty members were involved, in fact, Dr. P S Bhatnagar Director, BKBIET Pilani specially appreciated the efforts to make the Joy of Giving Week happen successfully.

That was the most important and crucial part of building the chapter. After the event, everything came into proper place by itself. The right set of people was identified to initiate the project. Before starting anything, it was made sure that all of them were clear with the concept of Participative Community Development. Expansion team members, along with PCD members kept several meets with BKBIETians to explain the concept.

Slowly and gradually, they started nourishment program and started giving milk, fruits or biscuits to kids, everyday. Then with time, they kept recruitment session by themselves with a little input from the expansion team and managed to start the Ambedkar Basi in the lines of PCD approach. Now Nirmaan BKBIET has got three class rooms in their academic building.

There is a glue which has bonded the team so well, which is nothing else but Nirmaan’s vision, the rise of a great nation.

Thank you for sharing your experience Prateek. Grand welcome to BKBIET chapter and wishing the best to the entire team in realizing our vision of the Great Indian Dream 2047.

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